40ft Container House
    https://www.cnvhc.com/products/40ft-container-house.html /> #40 #ft #container #homes #design

    The 40ft container house is a spacious and versatile living space built using more containers. These homes provide generous square...  more
  • dfichk dfichk
    45'FT Container

    DFIC has a mature production line for 45 ft containers. We can produce large scale of 45 foot shipping container of this size per day. Container 45 feet is mainly used for loading and sea transportation of large goods. At present, our...  more
  • myerswax
    The Fischer-Tropsch wax with a high melting point (generally higher than 85°) is mainly composed of linear, saturated high-carbon alkanes with a relative molecular mass of 500-1000, which gives this chemical a fine crystal structure, high melting point,...  more
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