• 2-Layers Rigid PCB Yellow Soldermask
    https://www.gtpcba.com/products/2-layers-rigid-pcb-yellow-soldermask/ /> #pcb #layout #factory

    Rigid PCBs also offer better thermal management than other PCBs, as they are better able to dissipate heat. This is...  more
  • PCB for Home Appliances
    https://www.gtpcba.com/pcbs-for-home-appliances.html /> #pcb #layout #design

    Common Uses of PCBs in Home Appliances

    Electronic toys

    PCBs can be used in the manufacture of electronic toys to provide circuit connections and...  more
  • PCBs for Healthcare Device
    https://www.gtpcba.com/pcbs-for-healthcare-device.html /> #pcb #layout

    Common Uses of PCBs in Healthcare Devices

    1. Blackhead meter
    PCB is used in the blackhead meter to control electronic components and control circuits to...  more
  • silicon valley
  • Looking for #ElectricalEngineeringSolutions? As, #SiliconEngineeringConsultantsPtyLtd.is the one stop solution for #ElectricalEngineeringServices with high quality and cost effective #BIMServices. Our company is having 13+ years of experience and our...  more
  • offshoreoutsourcing-india
    #OffShoreOutsourcingIndia is leading with #Civildesigninganddraftingservices which offers full-fledged #CivilEngineeringServices to its clients worldwide. The organisation is having a group of professional and flexible #civilengineeringcad offerings who...  more
  • holike home
    A kitchen island can act as informal dining area for the kids or it can act as additional seating when entertaining. Having access to your family or guests is always an advantage while cooking and preparing meals. Even if your kitchen is small, a counter...  more
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