• Harry Wilson
    AI in Product Development - Streamlining, Expediting, and Enhancing Processes for Unparalleled Efficiency

    Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in product development and the seamless integration of AI-driven solutions.

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  • Harry Wilson
    Smart Contract Auditing With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Explore the future of blockchain with Our AI-enabled Smart Contract Audit - https://www.blockchainappsdeveloper.com/ai-development-company />
    Uncover the transformative benefits of AI in enhancing...  more
    HAI Q Software Platform
    https://www.hairobotics.com/products/haiq /> #robot #management #system
    HAI is an intelligent software platform that leverages AI algorithms to streamline order fulfillment and inventory management. It serves as the central command...  more
    Telescopic Lift ACR
    https://www.hairobotics.com/products/haipick-a42t /> #robot #storage
    The HaiPick A42T Telescopic Lift ACR is the world's first ACR that can pick and store plastic totes and carton boxes at a dizzying height of up to 10m (32.8 feet)....  more
    Multi-Layer ACR
    https://www.hairobotics.com/products/haipick-a42 /> #warehouse #robot #picker
    The A42-series offers picking and storage of cases up to a height of 5.2m (17.1 feet). The series consists of four models which handle a wide range of case...  more
    https://www.hairobotics.com/products/haicharger /> #robot #charging #station
    Hai Robotics provides a one-stop solution, which can customize a complete set of charging systems according to customer business scenarios and warehousing automation...  more
  • rprobotic Robotphoenix LLC
    Delta Robot Pick And Place
    https://www.rprobotic.com/products/delta-robot/ /> #robot #phoenix
    With competitive delta robot price, bat series delta robot pick and place has great advantages in operational applications like fast grasping and sorting as well...  more
  • rprobotic Robotphoenix LLC
    BAT2000M-S15 Delta Robot
    https://www.rprobotic.com/products/bat2000m-s15-high-speed-delta-robot/ /> #high #speed #delta #robot
    This high speed delta robot has the strong power and the superior operational efficiency of agile with high speed. The high...  more
  • rprobotic Robotphoenix LLC
    BAT1600-S6 Delta Robot
    https://www.rprobotic.com/products/bat1600-s6-parallel-delta-robot/ /> #industrial #robot #factory
    Bat1600-S6 delta robot is a 4-axis parallel robot with a rated payload of 6kg, which has the characteristics of high speed and...  more
  • rprobotic Robotphoenix LLC
    BAT1300-S6 Delta Robot
    https://www.rprobotic.com/products/bat1300-s6-delta-parallel-robot/ /> #industrial #robot #supply
    Bat1300-S6 delta robot is a 4-axis parallel robot with a rated payload of 6kg, which has the characteristics of high speed and...  more
  • rprobotic Robotphoenix LLC
    BAT1300B-S50 Heavy Load Delta Robot
    https://www.rprobotic.com/products/bat1300b-s50-industrial-heavy-load-delta-robot/ /> #industrial #robot #cost
    Bat1300B-S50 delta robot is a 2-axis parallel robot with a rated payload of 50kg, which has the...  more
  • rprobotic Robotphoenix LLC
    BAT1100M-E3 Delta Robot
    https://www.rprobotic.com/products/bat1100m-e3-delta-arm-robot/ /> #delta #arm #robot
    BAT1100M-E3 delta robot is a 4-axis parallel robot with a rated payload of 3kg as well as a flexible and sensitive delta arm, which has the...  more
  • Fdata com
    Mobile Robot Platform DIY
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/robot-chassis-diy/ /> #diy #robot #chassis
    Modular capability to meet the various specific use scenarios.
    Open API to save your robot development...  more
  • Fdata com
    Restaurant Service Robot
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/restaurant-delivery-robot/ /> #servi #robot
    Restaurant server robot can be used in different restaurant scenarios, such as Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, wine clubs, drive-in restaurants, etc.,...  more
  • Fdata com
    Indoor Robot
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/indoor-robot/ /> #indoor #mobile #robot
    Fdata's indoor mobile robots are widely used in different indoor workplaces, with friendly user interaction mode and human-machine collaboration capability, which can...  more
  • Fdata com
    Indoor Delivery Robot
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/indoor-delivery-robot/ /> #indoor #delivery #robot
    Fdata's indoor delivery robot is based on ROS system, multi-sensor fusion SLAM algorithm, self-developed map building, adevice management platform,...  more
  • Fdata com
    Hospital Delivery Robot
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/hospital-delivery-robot/ /> #hospital #delivery #robot
    Hospital delivery robots can be used for medicine, foods, surgical clothing, high-value consumable material, and other things' distribution,...  more
  • Fdata com
    A102-A102A UV Disinfection Light Robot
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/a102-a102a-disinfect-robot/ /> #delivery #robot
    Using UV light source for UV short-wave radiation disinfection, the UV cleaning robot arrives at the disinfection area as instructed...  more
  • Fdata com
    A101-A101A Spray Disinfection Robot
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/a101-a101a-disinfect-robot/ /> #spray #disinfection #robot
    Innovative liquid filling port makes the spray disinfection robot easier to add disinfection solution; with power failure...  more
  • Fdata com
    4WD Robot Chassis
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/4-wheel-robot-chassis/ /> #4WD #robot #chassis
    4WD independent drive, 4WD differential steering;
    Rapid battery replacement, secondary development;
    More convenient and easy, DIY customization for fun.
  • Fdata com
    2WD Robot Chassis
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/products/2-wheel-robot-chassis/ /> #2 #wheel #robot #chassis
    Based on ROS system design and development, standard API can be shared for secondary development, easier,...  more
  • Fdata com
    Hotel Robot Delivery Service
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/hotel-robot-delivery/ /> #hotel #robot #delivery
    In hotels, hotel service robots for hospitality industry can carry luggage, deliver room goods, serve meals, guide rooms, etc., realizing contactless...  more
  • Fdata com
    Delivery Robot in Airport
    https://www.fdatarobot.com/delivery-robot-in-airport/ /> #airport #robot
    Luggage handling, no trolley required.
    Online check-in registration service, which can be completed directly.
    Guidance...  more
  • Terminus Group
    On August 10, Terminus Group and Expo 2020 Dubai launched Opti, one of the official mascots for Expo 2020.

    Terminus Group is an Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai. The AIoT-powered robot Opti, designed and developed by Terminus Group, will...  more
  • Vincent Li
    Slim Pallet Truck AGV
    https://www.mw-r.com/products/automatic-pallet-truck/ /> #move #robot

    Multiway Robotics is an advanced manufacturer of intelligent logistics solutions in automatic pallet truck AGV. Slim pallet truck MW-ST10, designed for narrow...  more
  • Vincent Li
    Types of Material Handling Robot
    https://www.mw-r.com/products/ /> #warehouse #robot

    Forklift AGV
    Multiway Robotics provide comprehensive intelligent manufacturing and intelligent storage solutions for hardware vectors, combined with flexible intelligent...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Plastic Rapid Prototyping
    https://www.gjprototyping.com/plastic-rapid-prototyping-services/ />
    #robot #prototyping

    Plastic Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid prototyping is ideal for plastic parts that need to be a precise size or fit. To achieve precision,...  more
  • robot runner

    Satisfy tenants’ needs for intelligent service | Upgrade consumption of whilte-collars

    Robot + Integrated solutions
    Forge in-building service ecology, achieve service vicious...  more
  • robot runner

    Intelligent Service Space,
    Upgraded Smart Experience
    Exhibition hall
    Service hall
    4S shop
    Sales office
    Shopping mall & luxury store

    Automatic service
    Customized modules for intelligent reception and various ushering service.

    Automatic...  more
  • robot runner
    Hotel Digital Operation System

    One delivery robot

    One intelligent vending machine

    AI customer service

    Room service Applet

    Room service Applet

    Notification equipment

  • robot runner

    Robot intelligent chassis used for Yunji robots
    A platform for wheeled robots with comprehensive recognition, perception and navigation capabilities, committed to providing one-stop solution of intelligent service...  more
  • xinpin model
    Rapid Prototyping in Robotic & Automation Industry

    #cnc #machine #tending #robot

    With the development of science and technology, robotics & automation becomes more and more popular in our daily life, smart manufacturing plays a more vital role in the...  more
  • pacebattery com
    48V 120Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack
    https://www.pacebattery.com/products/48v-120ah-lithium-ion-battery-pack/ />
    #24v #robot #battery

    The 48V 120AH LiFePO4 lithium battery is perfect for golf carts. Also great for robotics, warehouse working vehicles, and...  more
  • ItOutsourcingChina
    Do you want to create a new website??? #OutsourceWebDevelopment and #mobileappdevelopment are square measure two services offered by #ITOutsourcingChina. #Webdevelopment has become a worldwide trend in recent years.We square measure a one-stop-soluion...  more
  • freedynamics
    Robot Vacuum For Tile Floors
    https://www.freedynamics.com/robot-vacuum-cleaner-for-tile-floors/ />
    #floor #robot #that #sweeps #and #mops

    Our vacuum cleaner robot China works very well on tile floors and help keep your tile floors sparkling.
    An accurate...  more
  • freedynamics
    Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    https://www.freedynamics.com/products/laser-robot-vacuum-cleaner/ />
    #which #robot #vacuum #has #the #best #mapping

    Our laser robot vacuum cleaner adopts advanced lidar scanning technology to realize accurate mapping. Our robot...  more
  • blue pointrobotics
    Uvc Disinfection Robot #uvc #disinfection #robot BP-MSJ1 disinfection robot Eton is a line-tracking UVC robot specially designed for stationary sense, such as CT room and operating room. This kind of uvc light robots is equipped with advanced UV-C...  more
  • blue pointrobotics
    Disinfection and Cleaning Robot for Hospital #hospital #uv #light #robot
    UV-C disinfection can improve the safety of patients and medical staff. Healthcare-related infections is a serious and growing problem in the global healthcare industry....  more
  • seer group
    Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I, a universal controller designed for mobile robots (AGV, AMR, etc.) in industrial fields, provides some major features such as map editing, localization navigation and model editing. This warehouse robot controller...  more
  • seer group
    The world's first Laser SLAM Multi-layer Intelligent Picking Robot is equipped with a built-in SRC Series Controller developed by SEER. This intelligent guided vehicle can deploy easily without reflectors by adopting Laser SLAM navigation, realize...  more
  • seer group
    SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Robot Forklift SFL-L14 can deploy easily without reflectors by adopting Laser SLAM navigation, pick up accurately by pallet identification sensor, be seamlessly connected to dispatching system and ensure 3D safety...  more
  • Ms Cici
    STAND-ALONE ROBOT #stand #alone #robot Stand alone robot: Lisen Automation provides systematized dedicated robots for logistics industry, integrated artificial intelligence(AI) robot, robot learning, and visual technology based on sensors and...  more
  • Ms Cici
    ROBOTIC PICKING SYSTEM #pick #and #place #robot #working Robotic pick and place system: it consists of 6 major modules, including robot order picking system, robot piece picking system, robot de-palletizing system(Depalletizer520), robot automated...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Industrial Robots Why do robots use harmonic reducer but not ordinary reducer? Because the robot requires a small size and high precision. Only the harmonic reducer can reach high precision, small gap, large...  more
  • Pipe CCTV Inspection Robot CCTV inspection robots, as the most effective and accurate tools to access the pipeline, play a very important role in the sewer and drainage industry. With state-of-the-art technology, Easy-Sight CCTV inspection robots can...  more
    Pipe Inspection Robot Manufacturer, Pipeline Inspection Robot |
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